Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby is Here!

Ok so I have been so bad about updating this! I did have the baby. We had her on July 9th at 4:20 pm. She weighed 6 lbs 6 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. We named her Kaiya Ryan Watts. She is absolutely adorable!Here is the brief story of how it happened. I was scheduled to be induced that day already and was on call for them to tell me when to come in. They told me I could be called anywhere from 12 midnight thursday night till 12 midnight friday depending on how busy they were. So we got ready for bed to wait for the call and I laid in bed around eleven thirty thursday night. Well at 12:30 I got the call to come on in! So we went in and I already lost that night of sleep:) So we went in and they gave me Potossin to start my contractions and get me dilating. Well that process took me all day! I was only at a 3 or so when I went in. So it was a long day. She was in the wrong position when it came time to push her out. She was sideways and her head was getting stuck in my pelvis. So the poor thing was getting stuck when I started pushing her. I pushed probably 5 or so times, but the doctor was really yanking her out cause of the way she was in there. So poor thing came out all bruised. Her side of her face had a big bruise, her arms, legs, and back was too. She also had jaundice really bad too. We came home from the hospital the next day, but got a call a day later on Monday night to come back into the hospital and ended up staying 2 days cause her jaundice was so bad that they wanted her under constant light. That was not fun! I hate those things. But we did go home after that and have been good since. She lost some weight through all that and came home weighing 5 lbs 12 oz. So she was tiny! I can't believe how small she is.. My babies have all been good size. My first was 8 lbs 10 oz and Layla was 7 lbs 9 oz. So to have a 6 lb baby was a new experience for me. But I love how small she is! Anyway were doing good and she will be one month old on Friday already! Here are a few pictures of that whole experience!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a girl

So it is official. We were pretty sure that it was one, but not 100%. Well we went and did another ultrasound yesterday and its for sure a girl!! We're so excited. I can't wait to see her. Already have her name and I'm getting her a crib set this weekend. Its coming to hit me there is going to be another child in this house, and its still a little scary. We have some great children, so I think the transition will be pretty easy. My kids are so great with helping out, that I think they will be happy to do it. Here are a few pictures of our ultrasound...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pregnancy Update

So I'm 5 1/2 months now and already can't wait to be done. I know I'm the most impatient person in the world, so its hard to think I still have awhile. So we did find out what it is, but I can tell you that I am not 100% convinced.. so this is what happens. I go to get a 3d ultrasound at around my 15th week and the day I go to get it, the lady's machine had broken. So of course I was really bummed and didn't get to find out and had to wait until my next dr appt. So I wait till I'm 20 weeks and finally go to my doctor. Well you know how doctors are, they are mostly looking to make sure the heart is okay, brain developed, and everything looks ok. So when we get to the finding out part, he looks for about a minute then says, " well I can't tell for sure, but I don't know about 70% sure that its a boy." ok so that is not okay with me. I can't go off of that amount of percentage. So I was dying to know for sure, so I call the 3d lady cause she had called me that day and told me her machine was finally fixed. I call her and she can get me in right then. We go and look for a half hour and guess what, the baby's legs were crossed the whole time and she couldn't tell. So I'm getting pretty frustrated and she says to go eat and drink some caffeine and then the baby will wake up a bit and move around. So I leave and go eat and come back to her and we look for a while and she comes to the conclusion that she is pretty sure that its a girl! So what am I to think. She said that she has never gotten it wrong yet, and she is pretty definite its a girl. So thats where we left it. I think its a girl and have always felt that way about this one. I also had a dream before I was pregnant and it was a girl and I named her and everything in my dream, so I think that it is one. Its happened that way with every one of my pregnancy's. So we are leaving it on it's a girl everyone!! We are really excited and can't wait to have her here. I will be having another ultrasound in about 6 weeks or so, so I will for sure confirm with my doctor that its not a boy.
Other than that, we have been going to Salt Lake a ton these past few weekends in a row for a few different reasons and have been pretty busy. The kids are doing great. They are both getting so big and have so much personality! I think thats all for now, so I will keep updating and maybe take a picture of my fat self. Till next time....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby #3

Ok now that I have officially told everyone in the family up north now, I can announce it on blogs and stuff.. We are pregnant with our third child! I am a little over 11 weeks, so almost 3 months and showing a lot... not just a little but a lot. Its quite common for everyone to comment that I look like I'm having twins, but I don't know yet. So I hear the heartbeat next week and will be getting ultra-sound around 20 weeks. I may get one sooner and do a 3-d one so I can find out the sex! but no one tell scott, cause he doesn't want to find out till we have it. so we'll see how long that lasts! But I just thought I would officially annouce.. we're excited and Isaiah and Layla are excited! I will have some pictures from the holiday and I'll put some up and you can see how much I am showing already! Well hope everyone had a good holiday!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's been too long....

Wow... I haven't posted anything on here for a very long time... we've been so busy lately, so I'll have to play catch up... So we moved in and love the new place. The kids still bring it up how much they love this house. .. its really cute. But we've settled in and just yesterday Scott unloaded the very last box, so yay we're officially moved in (2 months later) ha ha... But the kids are getting bigger and bigger everyday. Isaiah is in Preschool for another year so that he could be the oldest in his class for Kindergarten. He also is taking Scott's Hip Hop class which is really cute. He loves it and does really well.. Layla is a sweet little thing. We're really lucky cause both our kids are just so loving. Layla is taking a combo class at the studio which is really cute. She follows her teacher pretty well and she gets to dance with her cousin Presli so she loves it.
So for Halloween, our studio was able to do the Pre-Show for Thriller out a Tuacahn every night and that was a lot of fun. Tiring, but fun. And a great way to show people what our studio does and what we have to offer. So that kept us really busy that week and we're happy to be done.
Scott is busy running the studio and loving it... Its growing more and more everyday and his students love him! He's great at what he does and I like being able to dance for free:) We also recently had a workshop that our studio put on with Gev from So You Think You Can Dance and it was awesome! We had a great turn out and I loved meeting someone that was kind of famous... I was a little start struck not gonna lie. Then we got to go out to lunch with him and Darryl Yaeger, the director and choreographer for Odyssey Dance Theater and Thriller. It was amazing!
I am still working at Biolife and am there everyday basically.. It keeps me busy and I've worked there for over a year and a half. That went by pretty quick. I hate my job most days, but there are a few that I am glad cause I got to learn how to be a Phlebotomist.
So there's my catch up. I will put some pictures up that are recent....

Trick or Treating on Halloween

playing at the park

Thriller Preshow on Halloween Night
Adult Class
Thriller Pre-Show
workshop with Gev

Layla going to dance class

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So next week we are going to be moving into a new house and we are so excited! It's in a really nice neighborhood less than five minutes away from where we are now. We'll be getting the keys on Monday and can slowly start taking stuff over there and will be able to officially move in on Saturday the 15th. It's in a neighborhood called Stonegate right off Sunset Blvd in the Seven Hills division. It's a little bigger than what were in right now which is great. So we're able to have the kids have their own rooms, and we have a big master bath room with a big tub, which I'm psyched about and a huge walk-in closet! So its definitely a step-up and we can't wait. So here are a few pictures of the house... If anyone wants to come help us move next week, we can always use the extra hands!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Birthday, Camping & Fishing

So since my birthday was over the 4th of July weekend, all my friends were out of town. So my good, wonderful friend Jocelyn called me the Wednesday after and wanted to take me out to dinner with some of our friends! So Scott offered to watch the kids for me while we went out to Samurai 21... My favorite restaurant! It was so much fun. I love my friends! They are the best. So here are a few pictures of them at dinner with me! Thanks Jojo for taking me out for my birthday!

Mykenzie, Candiss, Alie, Rakai, Me, Mike, Brittney, Bethany, Scott and Jocelyn!

Me & Bethany
Mykenzie & I
Rakai & I
Alie & I
Mykenzie, Me and Candiss
Jocelyn & Scott

So for the actual weekend of my birthday, my husband surprised me with a fun camping trip with our friends from SL. Their family owned some property in Salina and invited us up there to hang with them for the weekend. So we went up there on Friday morning and stayed till Sunday. It was so much fun. We went four-wheeling, fishing, played a lot of games, and hung around the campfire. It was the perfect birthday present!! We love this group of people and enjoy spending time with them so much. So here are some pictures of the trip! Thanks again to my parents for watching Layla and Isaiah for us to be able to go! Love you both!

dancing around the campfire

I loved these sunglasses.... they remind me of Kanye West! :)

My Birthday Brownies!

A few weekends before the trip for my birthday, Scott and I took the kids camping up in Pine Valley for the night. We went fishing and hung by the fire and just watched the kids get dirty and run around. It was a fun time with just us as a family. I actually ended up catching three fish and that was Scott's and Isaiah's dinner for the night! Layla and I aren't fish eaters so we settled for hot dogs:) But it was a lot of fun and here are some pictures from that weekend.